2 person mountaineering tent

The Benefits of Two Person Mountaineering Tents: How to Choose the Right Tent for Your Adventure

Tips for Setting Up and Taking Down a Two Person Mountaineering Tent: What You Need to Know Before You Go

Setting Up:

1. Choose a level spot with good drainage and clear of debris.
2. Unroll the tent and lay it out.
3. Assemble the poles and insert them into the tent.
4. Stake the tent into the ground.
5. Attach the rainfly and stake it into the ground.
6. Adjust the tent and rainfly as needed.

Taking Down:

1. Remove the stakes and rainfly.

sleeping bag size 20D nylon filling filling gsm temp
215x85x50 cm 20D nylon 75/25 down 100 gsm 13 C
215x85x50 cm 20D nylon 80/20 down 100 gsm 10 C
215x85x50 cm 20D nylon 90/10 down 100 gsm 10 C
215x85x50 cm 20D nylon 95/5 down 100 gsm 6 C

2. Disassemble the poles and remove them from the tent.
3. Fold the tent and roll it up.
4. Pack the tent and poles into the bag.


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