How much do you know about the warmth value, material, and applicability of sleeping bags?

As an outdoor enthusiast, sleeping bags are one of our essential equipment. But when choosing a sleeping bag, many people often only look at the price or style, and overlook some important parameters. Today, I will share with you how to choose a sleeping bag that suits you.

Firstly, the warmth value of the sleeping bag is a very important parameter. It is usually measured according to the EN13537 standard and is divided into three parameters: extreme temperature, comfortable temperature, and limiting temperature. The extreme temperature refers to the temperature at which the sleeping bag can still allow you to survive, while the comfortable temperature refers to the comfort of sleeping without feeling cold. It is very important to choose the appropriate insulation value based on your usage scenario and physical condition.
Secondly, the material of the sleeping bag also needs to be noted. Common sleeping bag materials include down and synthetic fibers. Down sleeping bags have good warmth retention and are lightweight, but they are relatively expensive, while synthetic fiber sleeping bags are more affordable, but their warmth retention is relatively poor. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to whether the fabric and filling of the sleeping bag have waterproof, breathable and other functions.

Finally, the applicability of sleeping bags also needs to be considered. If you’re just camping in the summer, then a lightweight sleeping bag is enough. If you are camping in extremely cold environments, you need to choose a sleeping bag with better insulation. So, when choosing a sleeping bag, you should choose the one that suits you according to your usage scenario.
In short, choosing the sleeping bag that suits you is very important. Don’t just look at the price or style, ignoring key parameters such as insulation value, material, and applicability.

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